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About Us

Battlezone Mobile Command

 Baby  ing the game of paintball too you!!!! That's right instead of coming out too a field we will come to you. You get to enjoy all the fun of the field but in your own backyard. We are great for:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Weddings
  3. Bachelor party
  4. Bachelorette party 
  5. Date nights
  6. Baby reveals  
  7. And much more!!!!

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We are the 1st Mobile Paintball in Ga

We bring the game of paintball to you. That's right mobile paintball. Why worry about when the field opens up and trying to round up your players and hope they all show up. I bring the game to you and you choose the time and place to play. It has been a great success and be sure to email me or call or txt for your day of play. And remember we are the only place you can legally shoot at your loved ones and not go to jail for it :) 

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Requirements and Cost

Following prices are due too change due too distance traveled. But first a few rules :)

  1. We must have a minimum of 10 players to come out for the day or pay for 10 players 
  2. We must get a credit card to hold your day of play. 
  3. You are renting the gear from us to use, and we will stay on site to maintain our gear and fill tanks. But you are responsible for insurance needs through your home owners Insurance. 
  4. It usualy works best to book us at least a week or two out so that we can make sure we are able to get all the paint and air you will need for your event.
  5. We will go over rules and safety before you start your day of play. 
  6.  If any gear is broken, during your day of play you will be charged to replace the marker, mask or tank, etc. before the end of the day. 

$35 dollars per player, this includes mask, gun and all day air.

Paint is sold separate and cost $45-$55 per case of 2000. 

I will take cash, check or Credit card.

 *Note - when using a Credit Card there will be a 6% charge for running the card. 

*Once a date is booked there will be a cancelation fee of half of the event to cover holding the day. 

*If event is over a hour or more travel time a travel fee will be added. It will be up to BZP‘s owners discretion And can be discussed when booked event. 

And we do not bring bunkers or set up fields just the gear, paint and all day air for your event. Most people use wood pallets and set up a field or play in the woods and then have  a bonfire afterwards with used pallets. Just a idea :) Hope to see you soon :)


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Battlezone Mobile Command

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